Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Kilig Factor

What is a kilig factor? hmmmm it would be hard for me to explain.well ill try...kilig factor is a feeling when somebody made ur blood rush because of one's sweetness...Kilig factor will often be felt by ladies. I dont know to men, im not one of them. So let me share what is a kilig factor for me.

By simply holding her hands while the whole world is watching is a major kilig factor, because it means you are not ashamed that she is with you and its like silently telling the whole world "IM WITH HER" if u add an eye to eye contact and a simple smile whenever u got a chance while doing HHWW(holding hands while walking) will melt a lady instantly. Then for a date, a very nice date at least for me would be simply walking at the sea side agen holding hand in hand. Or if a sea is not available(LOL!!!) a restaurant will do, choose the most romatic restaurant , candle light will be ur best bet here, or lanterns or anything dim because dim is romantic. them get a reservation to the most romantic spot, and remember to give her flowers or a flower would do.

These are just few that you can do to make ur partner get the kilig factor, just follow ur heart and u'll get it. I dont know why i have written this but then i just want to tell people what would make your relationship with your loved one more special and of course to make HER happy. Because if u truly love and care for the lady, her happines will be the foundation of ur happiness . Remember that the happier ur partner is the more she will keep u happy.

Eto po ay sa akin lamang!!!LOL!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Online dating and/or flirting...hmmmm OK FINE, more on flirting!!!

i wont sugar coat it, i dont like the idea. I mean how can a person date online.Do you know if your chatting with a pervert or a predator? How come people tell that they are in love while the person they are inlove with is just online? How can you be inlove with a picture, a video, an sms or maybe a voice if he/she is calling? i dont see a point in these kind of thing. For me you can only say that you are in love if you already spent time with the particular person.

Now, dont tell me that ur online because its the start of u meeting ur so called love of ur life, destiny and the blah blah blah!. The spend time and again blah blah blah because its very much impossible for you to know that the person ur chatting with is a "person"., How can you be sure that when you finally meet him/her that he/she wont slit your neck. How can you be sure that he is a guy and not someone who got mammary glands how can you be sure that shes a real female, what if "she" got the same thing dangling down there, ohh just like yours!!!

Moreover, i hate those people who flirts in the internet because u'll never know if ur actually causing a family to break apart. Just think how the children would feel. just think how the wife/husband would feel. Why dont you try to put ur foot in their shoes.

Now dont tell me he/she is single so what ur doing is harmful. You know what i'll tell you, Its easy to put single in a profile even if the guy or female is freakingly in a relationship or MARRIED!! and even if they told you they are married or in a relationship sometimes you still flirt with them (oh c'mon dont be hypocrite, i know alot of people here do, yes im accussing you! ahahah!). Good lord, how can you still breath while the two of you, yes TWO, you and ur so called "friend" is betraying somebody.

People are not perfect, i am not perfect. we do mistakes but please if u know what ur doing is wrong please make an effort to STOP for a moment REASSESS ur self and finally STOP WHAT UR DOING!. If u know u are getting in between people's relationship please use ur common sense, if ur common sense tells you its wrong and you still continue doing it then prepare urself for the KARMA. In some other cases maybe ur common sense wont work, simply because ur were not born with it or u are not able to discover it yet(like when you were exited about swimming and the moment you jump into the water(deep bluuuueeee sea) u discovered it, there now u know u dont know how to swim quite late though because ur gonna die!!ur lungs will be filled with water in 5seconds, then a killer shark will be coming ur way to eat you!!! just pray ur really dead before the shark gets to u, for that, ull not feel the shark's sharp teeth fiesting on ur feet, ur legs, ur body,ur head...ahahahah) , ok! ok!! i was carried away, lets go back to the topic. You can actually ask a frend or friends to be sure that theres some common sense going on and tadaaahhh!!!! u can now distinguish from right or wrong like a 2yr old child eating shit and his/her mom told "baby dont eat that, thats dirty!!! ahaahha.....Fine!! il finish it here im starting to be carried away again

Just my POV!! any violent reactions? call Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo

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