Friday, November 13, 2009


you always tell me that i am stupid, i guess ur right and wrong at the same time. I am only stupid because i let you treat me like one stupid donkey.

Today you came here because you got a research to do. I lend u my laptop, its fine with me. After your research you told me "its your email w/c is open right?" i said "yes" then you told me "open a mail" my mistake, i logged out my mail then opened the page wherin you can log on to your mail. Then you just burst like i have done a major mistake that would perhaps kill either you or me. You closed my laptop like you will close a heavy trashcan. I was shocked i looked at my poor laptop. Then you came to me ang shouted "STUPID!!!!" i told "i thought you want to open your mail",again you shouted "STUPID!! my mistake i came here to stay with you!!!" you nearly kicked me. I was thankful you didnt because i know for sure it would hit me on my head. Then you left.

I dnt know what else could i do to make you love me. I know alot would love me, i know alot would treat me better. I know you can not love me, i know you will not have the courage to love me simply because im a filipina but here i am still trying.

Yes im stupid.

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